No compromises

Our wallet features Multi-Party Computation (MPC) combined with Threshold Signature Scheme (TTS) for authorizing transactions. These are the highest security standards that any wallet can be protected. Only YOU are the sole owner of any wallet you create and any transaction you make.


We don't require any kind of Know Your Customer (KYC) forms, and we never will. Imperiume keeps your coins safe and secure with no questions asked. We believe in complete anonymity, privacy and security for our users, and we will never compromise that.

Anonymous transactions

Any transaction you make from your Imperiume wallet will be anonymized using advanced encryption methods, ensuring that nobody will be able to find out where you are keeping your coins or use blockchain analysis to track your actions and find out who you are.

About us is a platform that's been in development for the past 3 years, offering anonymity and privacy tools you need now more than ever. We believe it's your right to keep your personal information private.

We are here to help you regain your privacy and stay anonymous from government agencies that want to track your every move in order to limit your freedom.That's why we don't require any identification from our registering users - not even a phone number or email address.

about us

We offer you:


No logs, no traces, no identity, no verification. Imperiume wallet keeps your coins safe and secure with no questions asked.


Protect yourself from anyone trying to use blockchain analysis to trace your transactions and find out who you are. Use Imperiume Mixing service and anonymize your coins so they become untraceable.


Earn up to 23% APR by staking your coins with Imperiume Earn service. Instead of letting your coins sit in your wallet unused, stake them for weekly rewards.


You earn commissions by helping us invite people to stake bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on our platform. You receive 1.11% - 3.45% of the commission taken on each stake. The more members you refer, the greater your rewards.

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Anonymous transactions
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Q2 2023

Improving mixing capabilities

User experience development

Implement Security Measures

Q3 2023

Refferal program launch

Adding new cryptocurrency Tron wallet and mixing services

Allowing free and instant transaction within the system

Q4 2023

Partnership with international crypto provider

Convert your balance in stablecoin

Imperiume token launch

Q1 2024

Release in AppStore and Google Play

Q2 2024

Imperiume wallet V2 Launch


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